Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes...With Prayer

Clear Skies

That is the best title for today. It was like it wasn't even a school day. And, I think the biggest change wasn't that Kimberly didn't give me any troubles...it was that I didn't make any. "What?" you ask, "You mean that tantrums can be a direct result from the parent's attitude?" In my opinion and experience - Yes. Maybe this isn't the case with every child's tantrums...but it sure seems to be the cause of my sweet Kimberly's behavior. "What made you finally learn this?" One word: facebook. Two of my dear friends have also been having mommy issues and their experiences made a huge light bulb come on. The best way to get my kids to be nicer is to are you ready for this one...be nicer to them. Genius. Hm...why couldn't I have come up with that one several years ago??? Here's the best news about this new theory: IT WORKS!! Without even losing my cool one little bit, I got Kimberly up and ready (after getting up early enough to make blueberry pancakes - her favorite). No problems of any kind. There was even laughter!! Let's hope that proves successful with Aaron and Sarah. It's going to be kind of tricky with Aaron I think because he has such anger issues, but calming down and responding in a soothing tone certainly wouldn't hurt!
Thank You, God...and thank you to my friends (I hope the two of you continue to have parental breakthroughs as well!) God bless, and good luck!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Here We Go Again...Praise God!

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing at what seemed like a good time to wake up. After hitting the "snooze" button twice, I finally peeled myself out of bed, ready to start another Monday morning. Having a few spare minutes before time for the routine, I threw some laundry in real quick. Hm, maybe today isn't going to be so bad after all. And then it was time to wake Kimberly. She can be quite difficult to wake up and I was really dreading it. As expected, she was impossible to get up and ready without having a fit or three. (Something you should know about me: I don't handle fits or tantrums well. They send my brain into crazy mode.) Right before I totally lost it, I made a better choice to pray instead. What a difference that made! The next fuss that came along, I didn't lose my cool or even get upset. So Kimberly went off to school mad at me, but I was happy and thankful that not only did all of us wake up with no real problems, but also that God has blessed me with another day with my sweet kids - fits and all.