Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Product Review: Revlon ColorSilk

I've just got to brag for a minute about the coolest and cheapest hair color I recently discovered: Revlon ColorSilk. I thought I was seeing things when I first noticed it, because the price was only about $3!!

"Surely this is a temp color or only highlights or something, this CAN'T be permanent hair color!" I thought to myself...but, it was!! I even found a shade like what I wanted: Burgundy. It's just awesome!

Coverage was good, even had a good smell to it. Didn't have problems rinsing it out or washing it. Absolutely no complaints...(and that's very rare for me.) I'm thinking about stocking up on several colors so that when I get ready for a new color, I'll already have it! But, you know, I REALLY like this color, so it may be a while before I change. Although, I'm thinking a shade with some purple would be pretty neat too! :)

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