Friday, October 26, 2012

Are they for real???

Okay, so I've spent a fair amount of time researching available recipes suggested for "picky eaters" and I've come to a conclusion: the people who posted these recipes have not tested them on kids who truly are picky. If your child eats tuna, different types of veggies, all types of meats, and possibly all together - they are NOT picky. If they eat meals without regard to color, presentation, smell, texture or appearance - they are NOT picky. If they willingly try a new food just because you tell them it's for picky eaters - they are NOT picky.
So, I am on a mission now. I am going to sit down and create recipes that I know my picky eaters - I have three and all are picky about different things - will eat. If they approve them, then I know that other picky eaters will too. I will share my experiences via a new blog on here and would appreciate all support I can get.
For all you moms out there who have the same predicament as I do - pay attention, because I am determined to find some recipes that will work for picky eaters. Not just those who have two or three veggies they don't like. I'm talking about the kids who won't look at tuna, have a limited number of veggies they'll eat, judge a dish by it's smell and appearance, and won't touch it at all if the texture is not what they want.
In my new blog, which I will be posting on shortly, I will introduce my kids and how each of them rate each recipe that I post. As I discussed already, each of them has a different area they are picky about. But even my least picky child doesn't go near tuna. I honestly don't see why everyone thinks all kids like tuna. I myself didn't start liking it until I was a teen. So the fact that tuna made the picky list is really beyond me.
If you or someone you know is dealing with picky eaters, send them to my blog and I will hopefully have a recipe or two that will work for them.

Next up on Thank Goodness blog: product reviews and how to share a mommy.

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